Downtown Jeaux


The Reuben
- Corn beef, Thousand Island, sauerkrant and mozzarella on a marble rye
The Cuban
- Juicy pulled pork, ham, pickles, Swiss and mustard
Spicy Club
- Ham, turkey, bacon, American and pepper jack, romaine, jalapeño ranch, and tomatoes
Ham & Swiss
- Ham, Swiss, mustard, romaine, and tomato
Turkey and Swiss
- Turkey, Swiss, pesto sauce, spinach, and tomato
Cubano Caliente
- Pulled pork, ham, Jalapeños, swiss, jalapeño ranch, and mustard
Sloppy Jeaux
- Slow cooked roast beef with swiss, mayo, lettuce and tomato. Au jus gravy upon request.
Buffalo Chicken 
- Grilled chicken fajitas strips, Buffalo sauce, provolone, jalapeño ranch
Chicken Caesar
- Grilled chicken fajita strips, Caesar dressing, romaine, tomato
Sliced Roast Beef
- Sliced roast beef, swiss, mayonnaise, romaine, tomato 
Avocado Veggie
- Avocado spread, sautéed zucchini and portobello mushrooms in garlic, tomato, baby spinach and mozzarella
Honey Mustard Chicken
- Grilled chicken fajita strips, bacon, honey mustard, romaine, tomatoes, red onions, American cheese
Grilled Cheese
- American, Swiss, mozzarella and provolone
- Peanut butter, banana and choice of strawberry or grape jelly